Straight “A” Academy officially started as an education center in Bedford, NH, in 2008 by Founder and Director, Mr. Felix Alvarado, Jr. – although its premise emerged much earlier.

After graduating from the University of Michigan’s School of Education (UofM), Felix developed a unique AP Spanish curriculum. Today, his programs continue to supplement schools lacking Spanish teachers around the country.

As a father of five homeschooled children, Felix’s natural passion for supporting students to become their best was well-honed. And, as a career educator, he always envisioned pioneering a school of his own.

From its early days as a volunteer tutoring program working with underserved youth, Felix launched a cutting-edge, individualized, private school – receiving commendations from the Mayor of Manchester and an invitation to serve as an Education Consultant to New Hampshire gubernatorial candidates. It was then, with these accolades, that Mr. Alvarado formalized his methods and established Straight “A” Enterprises, LLC – one of the most successful SAT/ACT Prep courses available today.


The name Straight “A” Academy got its name from multiple sources:


Mr. “A” s surname – Alvarado – begins with an A and is followed by two more. Over the years, most non-Spanish speakers would misspell his last name as “Alverado” or “Alvardo.” To clarify, he would smile and tell them, “Straight A’s.”


Topping more than the attendance list, Felix – as well as his older brother and younger sister – earned straight A’s throughout high school, receiving the honor of Valedictorian of their respective classes and significant merit scholarships from many respected universities. 



The SAT/ACT Prep traditionally has a limited “fun” factor. But because Mr. A found ways to incorporate his personality into the training, the prep goes over much more smoothly for the students. Examples of this include: helping students to remember fundamental principles using creative acronyms and helping students to remember vocabulary using pop culture references in vocab videos.


Mr. A is also a college coaching expert, capable of finding the unique and desirable qualities of students that colleges are interested in, and he is also a master of helping students craft wonderfully thought-out essays that they can use on their college applications.

¿Qué hay de nuevo?

(What’s new?)

Straight “A” Spanish is a new service that Straight “A” Academy provides. Though new, Mr. A has developed a successful and innovative Spanish curriculum decades ago, and he now uses this curriculum in conjunction with his new hires from the Dominican Republic. With native speakers teaching the language and incorporating their local culture, and with a Spanish curriculum that focuses on learning through storytelling and is taught in every manner (visual, auditory, reading/writing, and kinesthetic), this service is perfect for schools who can’t find qualified Spanish teacher (or Spanish teachers at all for that matter).