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 Immersion Prep Training
Training for the March School Day SAT & PSAT 10

(The best way to prepare for the PSAT is to train for the SAT. – They are formatted almost exactly the same. PSAT is a little shorter and allows more time per question.)

Students enrolled in our Fall Immersion Prep Training will receive:

– 16 hours of live training with Mr. “A” the #1 Test Prep Coach in New England!

– All sessions are streamed live on our YouTube Channel and recorded, available to view later at your convenience (in case a student has to miss a class or wants to rewatch their training).

– We provide each Immersion Prep Student with their own Straight “A” Test Prep Book.

– Social Media! We immerse our students by actively engaging them outside of school with fun and instructional content.

– Students must either purchase the College Board Official SAT Study Guide or print practice test homework from the College Board website.
– Students can earn prizes through their active participation!

Pinkerton families pay a fraction of our standard tuition!

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Immersion Prep truly immerses members with our daily social media support:

  • Straight “A” Snap Tips –  Daily test prep tips from Mr. “A” and his private students.
  • Straight “A” Word of the Day –  Building vocab can be both fun and pedagogically sound! Watch 30 second to 1-minute clips from well-known movies, and learn from the vocabulary used by the characters. Check it out for free on Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter
  • Straight “A” Quote of the Week – Read weekly quotes on Instagram from notable philosophers like Henry David Thoreau, John Locke, and more.
  • Straight “A” College Coaching –  Get college advice and useful info on test prep, admissions and more directly from Mr. “A”. On Instagram and other platforms.

Why is Mr. "A" the #1 Test Prep Coach in New England?

– 99% of his students improve real SAT/ACT over real SAT/ACT test scores.

– 2/3 of his students improved by more than 200 points on the old SAT, 130 on the new SAT and 3+ points ACT

-Number of students served – more than 5,000 students personally taught and trained.

– 33 years a professional, classroom educator with test prep experience since 1998.

– Curriculum writing and innovation

– Student Rating

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But Don’t Take It From Us… Read what Immersion Prep Students and the community have to say about Mr. “A”!

The Test Prep Workbook

  • All participating students will receive a test prep book
  • Mr.”A”‘s SAT/ACT/PSAT test prep curriculum
  • ​Test prep practice questions

"The Slight Edge" to Immersion Prep Students.

Immersion Prep Training

The One-On-One Option

Mr. "A" explains the Straight "A" Method.