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"Mr. “A” lowers the looming pressures of academic performance and instills a sense of confidence and preparedness."

Yanick Baribeau – Student

Reviews referencing Reading & Writing scores reflect pre-2016 tests.

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"If we're not having fun, we're doing it wrong!"

Mr. Felix Alvarado, Jr.

Director, Straight "A" Academy

The SAT/ACT Prep traditionally has a limited “fun” factor. But because Mr. A found ways to incorporate his personality into the training, the prep is much more enjoyable for the students.

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Straight "A" Academy guarantees satisfaction or your money back.*

*GUARANTEE: Student must attend ALL sessions and complete ALL assignments and homework to validate guarantee.

Whether this is your first time preparing for college exams – or second, third, or fourth – learning and applying Straight “A” Academy’s proprietary learning methods will help you increase your scores.

"My wife and I could not be happier with the SAT preparation and other programs offered by Straight "A" Academy. It was a great investment in our son's academic career that paid off well...

Our son was accepted at all the colleges where he applied, including his two reach schools, which was assisted by his strong SAT Performance.”

Eric O’Brien

PARENT, Bedford, NH

Frequently Asked Questions

  • We engage students in a pressure-free conversation to learn their interests, challenges, and fears
  • Initial tests are only to provide an objective evaluation establishing strengths and shortcomings
  • Tailored examination plans are built based on a student’s objectives, needs, and learning style.
  • Small Group sessions include a maximum of 6 students, appealing to individual questions.
  • Additionally, students benefit from team learning and each others

After every meeting, the parent receives a point-by-point meeting report.

  • 100% Individual attention provides students an optimal pace and intensity.
  • One-to-One training provides customized assignments, training tests, and practice drills pertinent to strengthening areas of need. 
  • Complete action plans are developed, optimizing a student’s ability to consistently focus on issue areas, learn key techniques, and successfully complete drills, activities, and assignments – developing a mastery of content.
  • ELITE: Includes six Small Group sessions (1/week), leading up to a scheduled standardized test.
  • PREMIER: Includes an unlimited number of Small Group sessions during test prep seasons – valid for 12 consecutive months.

* Applies to One to One Package Sessions only.

Questions are always encouraged.

Your question will be answered in 30-minutes or less, during regular office hours. Questions after 4:00 PM EST will be answered by the next business morning.

Or call us at  231-242-4764