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Reviews referencing Reading & Writing scores reflect pre-2016 tests.

The Straight “A” Elite Test Prep guarantees an increase of at least 100 points (if you do the assignments). While my scores improved by more than 100 points per section, 330 increase overall!
Shawni Robinson - Student
Bedford, NH
It was an increase of 60 pts in math, 40 pts in reading and 70 pts in writing. We are very pleased. She didn’t have much time between school and extracurricular obligations to put into SAT studying, but she obviously got a lot out of your classes and assignments.
K. Andersen - Parent
Bedford, NH

Daniel Eugene “Rudy” Ruettiger is a motivational speaker and author who played college football at the University of Notre Dame. More from Daniel Ruettiger.

[Straight "A"s] practiced and proven teaching strategy...lowers the looming pressures of academic performance and instills a sense of confidence and preparedness...

As a high school student, naturally, one of the most stressful components of the college application process is the SAT. I acquired the suggested textbooks and handouts in order to prepare for the exam, though I found that the sample passages, corresponding questions, and associated problems were simply not enough to attain the score I was hoping to receive. I sought after a more personal, fine-tuned method of preparation. Thus, through word of mouth, I contacted Mr. “A” to find out more about his program and teaching style. After some thought, I decided to give it a try. Looking back, I can confidently say that I owe a significant amount of gratitude to Mr. “A”, as it is safe to say that my success is largely attributed to my time with him. From easy scheduling fit to the student’s available time outside of school, a personable attitude and method of communication and, most importantly, a practiced and proven teaching strategy, Mr. “A” lowers the looming pressures of academic performance and instills a sense of confidence and preparedness for not only the SAT, but the college application process as a whole. I would recommend Mr. “A” to any student looking to either improve a previous score, or perform most closely to their greatest potential the first time taking the SAT.

Yanick Baribeau - Student
The scores came in today and wow! I received a 660 on critical reading, 650 on math, and 580 on writing! Totaling a 1890. I’m extremely pleased with these scores compared to my last scores (Reading – 460, Math – 570, Writing – 490) all of them saw a significant increase! 200 point difference in reading alone! This is great. Thanks again!
James O'Brien - Student
Bedford, NH
Straight “A” Academy has provided tutoring for my daughter which is individualized, clear and concise in an easy to learn format. Her tutor challenges my daughter to think abstractly and encourages self-expression in a fun, caring atmosphere. The sessions are customized for what is needed at the time and promote both self-esteem and self-direction.
Linda Healey - Parent
Our daughter has struggled in math both her freshman and sophomore years in high school, never getting better than a C in level 3 classes. This school year we turned to Straight “A” for private tutoring after trying other services with no improvement. Our daughter’s grades have steadily improved this year and she now holds a solid B in level 3 Algebra II. Aimee has done a wonderful job with helping our daughter grasp the fundamentals and improve her comprehension of the one area she has always struggled in. Thank you to all at Straight “A”!!
Ken Neil - Parent
My wife and I could not be happier with the SAT Preparation and other programs offered by Straight A academy. It was a great investment in our son’s academic career and paid off well. It is a great program run by Felix Alvarado since he relates to the participants so well. He also tailors the program to meet the needs of each individual participant’s weaknesses and works one on one with them based on the results of the sample tests. He constantly updates his program based on the changes in the SAT testing program. We did look at some of the National programs but they were much more structured and a one size fits all type of program without the individual focus that [Straight "A"] offered.
Eric O'Brien - Parent

Mr. “A” walks and talks with Daniel “Rudy” Ruettiger – a Straight “A” fan – after a University of Michigan Football game.

Our introduction to Straight "A" took place last fall when our son (Brendan) received a “C” in his honors Biology class. This was the first “C” he ever earned and it served as a wake up call for me, my husband and especially Brendan. This was also the first time I ever heard him say he “hated school!” It was clear he was feeling discouraged and defeated and we needed to do something to get him back on solid ground, academically. I called Straight "A" Academy and was thrilled to find out the business was operated by Felix Alvarado – he is the absolute BEST! By the next quarter, Brendan had brought his grade up to an “A-.” Not only was he thrilled with his grade, he was actually beginning to rediscover his love for science and once again feeling confident about his learning abilities. It was clear that [his] time at Straight "A" Academy was not about simply memorizing something for a test, it’s about making sure the student really grasps it.
Tracey Stone - Parent
Bedford, NH
My first SAT scores weren’t bad, but I wanted to improve. So, I took a SAT Prep course at a local college. My second SAT scores actually fell by 20 points. Then I took the Straight “A” Elite Test Prep Course. My third and final SAT scores improved by 140 points. I would have been happy with a 50 point increase, but I think the individualized attention with a small class really helped put me over the top.
Alex Kaszinski - Student
Goffstown, NH

I would recommend Mr. "A" to my friends without any hesitation or reservation as he is truly a “Straight A”.

My daughter went to Mr. A after he came highly recommended by a friend and, I have to say, he is every bit as was advertised.

I spent a decent amount of time with Mr. A understanding his method of teaching and his strategy for success and I can unequivocally state that all of his methods are effective and efficient. My daughter was averaging around 26 in practice tests prior to meeting Mr. A and after her sessions with him ended up getting a 31 in her first try of the ACT.

It is not the score that mattered for me as much as I saw the level of confidence and poise that my daughter had as she neared the exams. Mr. A is truly a remarkable teacher and I wholly agree that he is the BEST test prep coach in NE.

Thanks Mr. A.

Umesh Rao - Parent