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The Spanish Curriculum that comes with a Teacher!

“It’s the best curriculum on the market, delivering the highest quality Second Language Acquisition Training!”

Immersion in the Straight “A” C.I.R.C.L.E. — Comprehensible Input for Real, Contextual Language Encoding.

Developed and Directed by 35-year Education Veteran, Award-winning Teacher and Teacher-trainer, Mr. “A” (Felix Alvarado, Jr.)

Schools enjoy grande savings!

As a Straight “A” Spanish partner your school ONLY PAYS FOR Appropriate Salary Step

  • NO Benefits Package

  • NO Cost of Acquisition

  • NO Cost of Professional Development or Training

  • NO Sick/Personal Days, etc…

  • NO Cost for Substitutes

  • NO Cost of Retention

Most states mandate language requirements for graduation, which means many schools are left scrambling for capable language teachers they can’t find.

That’s where Straight “A” Spanish comes in.

We provide schools with teachers that are native speakers and a top-notch curriculum. If you’re a school administrator and you’re interested, press here.

Every school deserves - and can afford - a Straight "A" Spanish Teacher!

Why Straight "A" Spanish is Taking the Nation by Storm...

Every Student Benefits

  • LIVE, Real-Time Instruction
  • Real-World Interactions
  • Powerful Cultural Connections
  • Personal Relationships
  • Deep Online & Offline Support
  • ALL Native Spanish-Speaking Instructors
  • ALL Instructors are Certified Straight “A” Teachers
  • Students learn real, whole language very quickly
  • Enhances opportunities for students looking for International Educational Experiences

Your Straight "A" Spanish Professionals


Espero que este email te encuentre muy bien. Mil gracias por darle atencion a mi hija Savannah, ella esta muy contenta contigo.
Lorena A. - Parent
Bedford, NH
Felix and Johanny are engaging teachers who bring Spanish to life for our students at Harbor Light Christian School. I have heard from both students and parents alike that the kids are learning alot and enjoying their experience with Spanish. When I step into the classroom, our students are engaged and often actively practicing the concept they are learning. This year's Spanish instruction has been a blessing for our students and for me, I know the kids are in good hands!
Kelly Dutcher, Administrator
Harbor LIght Christian SchooL
Alanson Public Schools is so excited to have Straight "A" Academy teaching our high school students Spanish. Being a small school, we struggle to find a certified foreign language teacher to come teach at Alanson for one hour a day! In the past, we have had to use online companies to expose our students to that foreign language class. That was very difficult for our students. With Straight "A" Academy, we finally have a certified foreign language teacher that comes in person as well as Zooms with the students to expose them to the Spanish language. I see our students more engaged and truly learning a new language. Our students are getting one on one feedback and instruction from the teacher so they can continue to improve in learning the Spanish language. We are hopeful that next year we will be able to add a 2nd year of Spanish into our schedule for those students that want to continue and advance with learning the Spanish language!"
Rachelle Cook - Superintendent K-12 Principal
Alanson Public Schools